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How to Play Cubrix Blue Ball?

1) Select ball number (01 - 10) then ETH address of that ball number will show up.
2) Player can select more than 1 ball number.
3) Transfer Player's CBIX, ERC20 token, ETH to the ETH address of the ball number Player's selected.
4) Cubrix platform will refer to the Blue Ball Result of Lotto-america game ( for Cubrix platform beta version)
5) Winner PRIZE is x3 of amount of Player's CBIX transfer to the ETH address of ball number.
6) Time to participant to the game is NOW until 1 hours before power ball is drawing.
The Cubrix platform will checking time line until 10:00am UTC+8 of the day of Lotto-america going to draw.
7) If Player has transfer Token lately than 10:00am UTC+8, the Cubrix platform will count it as next Lotto-america drawing.

ATTENTION: for other ERC20 Token, we do not recommend you to use any EXCHANGE address.
The Exchanges has not list our Token to their system yet.
We are recommend you to use MyEtherWallet , MeTaMask address. 

1) PRIZE: 1 CBIX x3 ( 1 CBIX = 0.000055 ETH for Cubrix platform beta version)
2) PRIZE: Other ERC20 or ETH, the Cubrix platform will pay as CBIX token, the value equal to your ERC20 x2.
3) Value of other ERC20 or ETH, will refer to of the day Lotto-america was draw at 1:00pm UTC+8.
4) The Cubrix platform will start to transfer Player's PRIZE back to where Player's ETH address transfer Token from at 1:00pm UTC+8 onward,
until last Winner address (before 10:00am UTC+8 the day Lotto-america is drawing)
5) Each transfer Token player can track from (for Cubrix platform beta version)

1) Our ICO sale has been ended, and our team looking for exchange to list our Cubrix (CBIX) token in.
2) Player still can get Cubrix (CBIX) by send an email directly to

Cubrix Platform

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2018/11/22 11:00am UTC+8

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