Today, the rapid growth of mega-value online betting business goes hand-in- hand with the digital currency popularity in a steady and escalating pace. Our Cube-Matrix core team, realizing the essence of both business and the great possibility of their synchronicity and integration, introduces Cubrix (CBIX) token. The Cubrix (CBIX) token, under the Cubrix Platform, is to serve our players, with high quality assurance in speed, reliability, price, accessibility, and varieties.

Cube-Matrix core team, recognized as the leader of Southeast Asian online betting platform, has been growing and expanding its online betting business with its partners throughout Southeast Asia. To provide ultimate benefit to our customers, whether as investors or regional players, we launched this project to serve over 100,000 existing online users. Our gross online gambling revenue has been exceeding U.S. 30 million dollars, while the net asset value has already been passing U.S. 500 million dollars.

Our Cubrix Business Model – Cubrix Platform – plays a bigger role toward online betting business besides selling Cubrix (CBIX) token in the digital currency market. Due to the worldwide sharp growth of online betting system business, the 2016 total revenue reached U.S. 46.12 billion dollars, and the projected revenue for the end of year 2024 will be 96.89 billion dollars, as 10.81% of CARG (Compound Annual Rate of Growth). For European market, the United Kingdom is considered to be a major betting system hub where as for Asia Pacific region, the market shows bright prosperity toward worldwide online betting system markets in many years ahead.

Both Cubrix Business Model and online betting business will unavoidably need the Cubrix (CBIX) to elevate its online business operation effectiveness, reduce gambling complexity, and increase efficiency.

Cubrix (CBIX) platform cryptocurrency opportunity

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology have been gaining more acceptance and widely used in global business transaction. Therefore, the integration of both core sectors could save cost and increase efficiency, which clearly explains why the market value of Cubrix (CBIX) token has been increasing tremendously.

Most online gamblers enjoy predictable Power Ball, Lotto America and also sport result prediction. With Blockchain technology, we fulfill their desire for online predicting challenges. The players could still enjoy their online betting.

The Blockchain technology accommodates our players to easily exchange their currency into the Cryptocurrency for betting in our online crpyto network. The major core of the Cubrix (CBIX) growth is to expand the network base, to gain more recognition and acceptance among players worldwide starting from Asian region first, and to acquire global cooperation. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to attract more investors and players to take their essential parts in our business growth.

“We are building online betting community network to accelerate the Cubrix Platform.”

Cube-Matrix core team. has shown steady and consistent growth in its betting network and coin value, as a result of the company’s commitment to respond the market’s need and to offer the players new excitement. The company has already set its goal to build a platform in which only Cubrix (CBIX) token is used for betting.

“We always believe in high possibility of building a firm foundation for social communities.”  

Cubrix Token Information: EtherScan Ethplorer
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