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Blockchain Integrated Wallet 

Our Wallet has been highly protected with tight security to maintain our users’ confidence. The Blockchain technology has been applied with the reason that it is considered as the most secured system in the present, due to its chained structure preventing system hacking. Furthermore, all transaction could be checked by the Blockchain users. Our Cubrix (CBIX) token uses the Ethereum Blockchain under the ERC20 Standard.

Reduced Fees
Trust and Transparency

Cubrix (CBIX) platform cryptocurrency opportunity

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology have been gaining more acceptance and widely used in global business transaction. Therefore, the integration of both core sectors could save cost and increase efficiency, which clearly explains why the market value of Cubrix (CBIX) token has been increasing tremendously.

CBIX Platform

Cubrix (CBIX) Platform, as a product from our partners’ cooperation, will respond the CBIX token demand and growth, and deliver more efficiency to players and online betting system business. The essential core of the CBIX Platform consists of: 


Token Sale Structure

At the business starting stage, Cube-Matrix core team received abundant internal and external support for Cryptocurrency, especially from “Original Supporters” who agreed to buy 90 million Cubrix (CBIX) at the price of 0.000039 ETH per 1 CBIX. The initial sale to the Original Supporters started from July 15, 2018, with the total Private Sale amount of 3510 ETH. The sale will be closed as soon as the total sale amount reaches our maximum target – 17,310 ETH. 

Cubrix (CBIX) token sale

Total supply:
- 1,000,000,000 ERC20 CBIX (Cubrix)
- Limited Edition 

Private Sale

Start date : July 15, 2018
End date : August 14, 2018
Token price : 0.000039 ETH / CBIX

Public Sale

Start date : August 15, 2018
End date : October 30, 2018
Token price : 0.000047 ETH / CBIX

Fund Allocation

How are the 1,000,000,000 ERC20 CBIX tokens split?


Platform Development 


Business Development


Cubrix Bank Reserve




 to maintain

CBIX Road Map

CBIX operating plan is as follows

June 2018

Building server and token

Building server and token, developing website and Domain and released Whitepaper.

15 July 2018


Pre-Sale offering for 90,000,000 CBIX with the asking prices at 0.000039 ETH/CBIX

15 August 2018

Public Sale

Public offering (Public Sale) for 300,000,000 CBIX with the asking price at 0.000047 ETH/CBIX

November 2018


Design&Release Cubrix Red Ball system beta version on

December 2018

Release Token Sell

Release sell CBIX token system rate 0.000055 ETH/CBIX players can exchange ETH to CBIX at
* player can buy/sell token upon exchange we are going to list, and we will announcement soon

January 2019

System full version

Release Cubrix Red Ball system full version

March 2019


List Cubrix (CBIX) token to cryptocurrency exchange

April 2019

Pre-sale Token

Release soccer result predictable system. Players have more fun with new games system.

May 2019

Release Buy Token

Release buy back CBIX token system rate 0.00005 ETH/CBIX, players can convert CBIX back to ETH at
* player can buy/sell token upon exchange we are going to list, and we will announcement soon

August 2019

More Games

Release sport result predictable system. Players have more fun with new games system.

October 2019

More Partners

More partners and more exchange

March 2020

Swap any token

New exchange system, players can swap CBIX with any ERC20 Token

CBIX Token Public sale ENDED

Public Sale Ended

For Player 'Play Cubrix'

Our Partners

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